A Word from Chef

The Bridge Inn has been a famous eating venue for many generations, my own dear father served as head chef here for almost 30 years. He had an enormous influence on my career. Cooking never stands still he said, and to that end I like to develop and have fun with the menus here. I actively encourage my chefs to contribute ideas and suggestions as he did with me and many of the dishes you will have eaten here started life as a scribble on the back of a napkin at morning coffee time.

This new menu is themed around comfort food which is a good fit for these cold frosty days and nights and it features our famous pies, burgers and fish and chips, alongside stunning beetroot cured salmon, duck cooked two ways and richly braised beef short rib. We are having fun serving our aerated crème brulee inside an egg shell with different flavoured jellies and pink peppercorn puff candy. Lots of our dishes feature produce direct from David our man in the walled garden.

Gardener’s Blog

It is my first winter in the Ratho vegetable garden, so I would like to introduce myself and communicate how we are progressing.

It has been a cold dry winter in the vegetable garden, this makes the perfect time to tidy up and prepare the ground for the coming growing season.
We have had a successful winter with kale, beetroot, purple sprouting broccoli and the occasional cauliflower.
The carrots and parsnips were not so productive this year due to an attack of carrot fly, this year we hope to improve on this.

Jobs for the month 

  • Tidy and dig over soil in preparation for sowing seeds, sow seeds after any risk of frost has past.
  • Sow tomatoes, chillis and herb seeds  in potting compost and leave inside at a temperature of around 20 degrees.

Happy Gardening!